Company Introduction

Clan Auto Co., Ltd. was founded by automobile experts from China, Britain, Germany and Italy. It is an enterprise dedicated to the design, development and customization of wilderness sports cars. The company has experienced international technical team and two manufacturing platforms of cage modular sports vehicle and non-load four-wheel off-road vehicle. It can provide professional customized service and technical support for the global outdoor extreme sports enthusiasts, and also provide vehicle engineering development and product optimization for the automotive industry partners. Upgrading, supporting system rebuilding, procurement agency, international trade settlement and other services.





Customized Service

GT7 adopts anti-roll cage frame body with Clan's unique light alloy structure technology; chassis adopts Mg-Al alloy structure, variable damping suspension system; stable vertical engine layout, V6, W12 and other large displacement engines are freely selected; special transmission for events or military industry; modular outer surface and cage body structure It is not only convenient for maintenance and refitting, but also can fully meet your personalized needs. Clan Auto Co., Ltd. focuses on the design and manufacture of heavy off-road scene application vehicles. The company owns the G600 four-wheel double differential lock off-road vehicle platform and the GT7 manufacturing platform for wilderness sports. It can provide you with a complete set of reliable solutions for battlefield command and wilderness sports. Welcome your inquiry and cooperation.

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