Parking Heating System

Parking Heating System

Product Details

Parking heating system is a kind of auxiliary heating system which does not rely on the engine. Its unique working principle determines that its function is different from the ordinary vehicle heating system.

First, the parking heating system can provide heating function when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is stopped, quickly improve the temperature in the vehicle, clear the fog and frost on the window and rear-view mirror, and improve the riding comfort and safety.

Second, the driver can control the operation of the parking heating system through the driving information system FIS. Through menu programming, the owner can set the start time and continuous on time of heating system, and the system provides a preset time of up to 39 days.

Third, the parking heating system provides a remote control mode, and the owner can start the parking heating system through the remote control device.

Fourth, the parking heating system works together with the general heating system and air conditioning system to improve the ride comfort and economy of the vehicle. The early parking heating system can use the ventilation pipe of the air conditioning system to evenly deliver heat to all positions in the car. With the development of automobile electronic control technology, automatic air conditioning has been more and more used in vehicles. Parking heating system is organically combined with general heating system, refrigeration system and ventilation system to provide air flow with proper temperature, wind speed and wind direction, which greatly improves the comfort of vehicles.