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Clan Auto will provide customers with configuration list. On the general chassis parts of magnesium-aluminium light alloy developed by Clan Auto, the assembly power assembly, control system, electrical system, control system, etc. will provide customers with the best performance combination, the best safety combination and the best matching according to the results of the customer's selection according to the list and the optimal matching result of the selection of magnesium-aluminium light alloy accessories. The customer can see the various configurations of the vehicle in the system, understand the performance of the vehicle from the performance parameters, performance score, safety factor, safety level, component matching index and so on, and customize a highly personalized car for himself.

customers through the system selection, our company will have the corresponding service personnel to explain the specific configuration content and matters needing attention for customers, through the system evaluation, will inform customers about the overall situation of automobiles, <span style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: RGB (255,255); & FONT-FALY: Microsoft Yahei, & 39; & Openseris & #39;> sans;-sanf;" According to the timetable issued by the system, customers will be informed of the expected completion time of the customized upgrade of vehicles . When a customer comes to our company to pick up a car, there will be a special person to arrange car inspection, evaluate the vehicle, and provide specific performance parameters to the customer.

our company will provide automobile quality assurance service for a certain period of time for customers, or other packages of automobile quality assurance by car owners according to their wishes, and provide lifelong warranty service for personalized customized automobile companies, charging only the cost of customer accessories.Clan Autocustomized automobile will be the inevitable trend of automobile research and development, manufacturing and service in the future. Customers will get better service, get the overall performance change of automobile after the application of light magnesium-aluminum alloy technology, get better experience, and do better in energy saving, emission reduction and emission reduction. Experience change will be brought about through technological upgrading, and zero emissions will be achieved to the natural environment. Customizable items are as follows ( Specifically based on the actual vehicle, the content is for reference only ):