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To become a partner of Clan Auto and builds your business. Join Clan Auto’s overseas marketing network to attract millions of potential car buyers.

We have solid vehicle technology and mature product platform. Strom 4WD off-road vehicle and Dreadnaught 4WD pickup are suitable for military needs with the rugged and durable performances. Also they can meet the needs of the civilian with the off-road and powerful performances. Savage Wildness Sports Car is an extreme sports car. He will bring you extreme off-road experience, galloping on the field.  At the same time, we have large technical reserves, the mature Al-Mg alloy technology, and can provide customized cars.

If you have good marketing network, marketing environment, banking background or KD Factory experience and are interested in cars, please choose Clan Auto, join Clan Auto overseas marketing network and set up micro factory. We will bring you a long-term career and a large amount of wealth. 

Clan Auto is now actively recruiting strategic sales partners in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and other international regions. We are looking forward to your participation.

Join condition:

1. Banking or financial background, or other marketing channels.

2. Strong financial background. The requirement of circulating fund is at least 5 million USD and strong financing capacity.

3. Independent corporate legal person. Only operate the brand, Clan Auto.

4. Priority is given to companies with KD plant operation experience.

5. Priority is given to companies that have worked in the automotive industry with good achievement.