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Clan SUV talks about the global trough in the first quarter: the entire industry chain of the car "make for survival"
- 2019-05-13-

The global automotive industry is feeling the downward pressure on the market since the second half of last year.  According to statistics from the US consulting firm IHS, in the first quarter of this year, global auto production and sales fell by about 7%, and sales of China, the United States and Europe in the world's three major auto markets fell.

China's automobile passenger car market has been declining for 10 consecutive months . The European automobile market with new emission regulations is still in the adjustment period . The market has been declining for the seventh consecutive month . The interest rate rises and the Trump administration's tariffs are great. Affected by multiple factors such as trade relations , US auto sales fell for three consecutive quarters in the first quarter . The annual sales volume fell below 17 million units , the lowest in five years.  Globally , multinational auto groups such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, and FCA have seen revenue and profit declines.  Corresponding to this is the rumors of reorganization and layoffs.

However , it is worth mentioning that GM's global sales in the first quarter fell 10%, operating income fell 3.4%, but net profit doubled from the same period last year , reaching 2.15 billion US dollars.  Under the leadership of the head of the company, Mary Bola , GM is undergoing a drastic reform . From the perspective of net profit , GM's cost control strategy has begun to bear fruit.  This year , GM has accelerated the transformation of its business to strengthen its core business to improve cost-effectiveness and focus its resources on industries that deliver higher returns , thereby improving cost-effectiveness.  Under the tremendous changes brought about by the “new carization of the automobile” , the GM , which was first announced to turn around , under the dual pressure of market adjustment period and industry transition period , effectively alleviated the pressure brought by the market.  In fact , during the market adjustment period , while auto companies are facing greater market pressure , they are more likely to let auto companies discover their own problems.  For all car companies, the voice of transformation and self-help has never been so urgent.

Clan SUV learned that with the era of China's auto market entering the stock game , the Matthew effect is increasingly apparent , and the knockout between auto companies will also intensify.  In the fierce market competition , compared with the joint venture brand , the self-owned brand's profitability is weak, its ability to resist market risks is weak , and the profit margin is further squeezed . Many brands are caught in the dilemma of volume and price falling.  Behind the bleak quarters of various car companies is the continued downturn in the Chinese auto market.  According to the data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers , due to the economic downturn and consumption contraction , China's automobile production and sales from January to March this year was 6.335 million and 6.372 million , down 9.81% and 11.32% year-on-year , continuing the decline of the automobile industry in 2018 . trend.

Judging from the quarterly report of the car companies , several Chinese auto companies in the head failed to overcome the operational pressure brought by the downturn of the auto market through scale advantages.  Under the fierce price war , in the short run , the pressure on sales can be alleviated , but the profit margin of the car companies is further squeezed.  In the long run , the negative impact of the price war is actually very large.  The constant price of the car will also affect the brand premium of the car companies , and even cause price turmoil , and the pricing of new cars is difficult.

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Federation of the Federation, said: "The downturn in the passenger car market since 2018 is a structural downturn . The phenomenon of differentiation in business is obvious . The downturn in passenger cars is mainly due to the downturn of small and medium-sized cities and independent brands. The impact of consumer goods is relatively large , and it has a certain impact on the consumption of car purchases . In the future, with the policy of stabilizing the consumption of car market, the consumption of passenger cars will still have a huge room for development.” He believes that the impact of the downturn in the car market will also be It has been going on for a while , but from the sales data of these two months , the market has shown signs of recovery.  With the release of a series of policies such as the reduction of value-added tax and the car going to the countryside , the automobile market in the second half of the year is still worthwhile.

However , with the implementation of the national six emission standards , the pressure for the second half of the self-owned brand should not be underestimated.  "International car companies have reached the national six standards , with natural technological advantages and preparation event advantages , coupled with the core emission parts enterprises controlled by foreign capital , the national six standards for the pressure of autonomy , the rapid acceleration of the national six standards leading to the production and sales of independent brands The pressure is huge," said Cui Dongshu.