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Clan Custom Car Service
- 2019-05-22-

 Clan Automotive will provide customers with a configuration list to collect powertrains, control systems, electrical systems, control systems, etc. on Clan Automotive's research and development of magnesium-aluminum light alloy universal chassis parts. The aluminum light alloy fittings are optimally configured to provide customers with the best combination of performance, optimal safety combination, optimal configuration combination, and most economical combination. The customer sees the vehicle configuration in the system. Performance parameters, performance scores, safety factors, safety levels, matching index of various components, etc. understand the performance of the car and customize a highly personalized car for yourself.

After the customer clicks through the system, our company will have corresponding service personnel to explain the specific configuration content and precautions for the customer. The system will be evaluated to inform the customer of the overall situation of the car. The customer will know the specific vehicle according to the schedule of the system out. Complete time.  When the customer comes to our company to pick up the car, there will be a special person to arrange the car inspection, to evaluate the vehicle, and to provide specific performance parameters to the customer.

Our company will provide customers with car warranty service within a certain period of time, or the car owner will choose other packages of car warranty according to their wishes. We will provide lifetime warranty service for personalized customized car, only charge for customer accessories.  Personalized customized cars will be the inevitable trend of future car R&D, manufacturing and service. Customers will get better service and get the overall performance change of the car after the application of light magnesium-aluminum alloy technology, and get a better experience, while saving energy. Rows and lower emissions will do better.  Experience changes will be brought about through technology upgrades to achieve zero emissions to the natural environment.  The items that can be customized are as follows ( specifically, the actual vehicle will prevail and the content is for reference only ):

Model Diesel 2WD STD Diesel 4WD Comf.
Transmission box 5MT 6MT
Tire size 235/85 R16 265/70 R17
Engine model 2TZ Q23
Rated power (kw/rpm) 108/5000 (146.88HP) 85/3200 (115.6HP)
Rated torque (Nm/rpm) 230/2600-3200 320/2000
Emission China V China V, VI
● The content in this catalogue is subject to actual product;
● Our factory reserves the right of explanation;