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[Wildness Sports Car] Hörmann develops lightweight chassis for electric light commercial vehicles
- 2019-06-11-

The integrated chassis concept developed by Hörmann Automotive GmbH and the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, is tailored for future urban electric delivery traffic. The elliptical shape of the stringer and the branched sheet metal structure are intended to protect the battery of the commercial vehicle in the event of a collision.

The chassis concept comes from the experience of the Darwinstadt University of Technology's Special Research and Development Area (SFB666) "More branches of the overall sheet metal structure - development, production, evaluation" and based on the model of nature. "It is known from existing research that an elliptical structure can be used in a vehicle chassis to exhibit a more favorable deformation behavior than a rectangular structure in the event of a collision, so that even an elliptical shape can provide special protection for its inner life. Dr. Schmidt explained that he is the director of the R&D department at the Hörmann Automotive Company.

Chassis form follows a natural example

According to Dr. Schmidt, elliptical and branched sheet metal structures can reduce the complexity of current protection systems such as battery cases. Non-linear multi-cavity profiles made of steel ensure the safety of internal energy storage devices through load-adaptive design. “In the longitudinal beam of the overall chassis, the knowledge gained with SFB 666 is taken as an example, since the forming mechanism of the gap profile is not only used to form the integral branch, but also to bend high-strength profiles,” Dr. Schmidt added.

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