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Clan Wilderness Sports Car will break the thinking mode of off-road sports car
- 2019-06-17-

In the past ten years, we have always heard the words “China’s auto industry will take over the world” and so on. China has indeed had a huge impact on the auto industry.  But the main development direction of China's domestic products is electric vehicles. Can we see more ideas in this industry and knowledge power in 2019?  The most anticipated is the Clan Wilderness Sports Car - the thug.

The Clan Wilderness Sports Car is not an exact concept, because sports cars focus on vehicle performance, which already means that vehicles with certain athletic performance sacrifice the off-road capability of the vehicle.  The Clan Wilderness Sports Car has two forms in design, and it has a tough shape, sacrifices certain comfort, and aims to reflect the excellent wild sports performance.


A wilderness sports car developed by Clan Motors with independent intellectual property rights - a mob, which has:

1. The cool sports car exterior and minimalist interior meet the needs of all types of customers for wilderness sports;

2. Cage body frame, anti-rolling, developed and manufactured by Clan light alloy technology, making the car itself safe and reliable;

3. The whole car adopts high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis structure design and manufacture, air-adjustable suspension, long-stroke shock absorption, bringing the ultimate driving experience;

4. Lightweight high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy materials to enhance the driving experience of the vehicle and achieve better off-road performance and comfort;

5. Longitudinal engine layout, V6, W12 and other large displacement engines can be used;

6. Match the multi-speed high-end gearbox to achieve the strongest combination output power of the powertrain;

7. The modular outer surface and body structure of lightweight technology design, easy to repair and modify, will fully meet the individual needs.

It is believed that under the impetus of China's Clan Auto, China's automakers will face a revolution, which will guide car companies to further extend their customers, and introduce Clan intelligent micro-factory into the lives of the people, so that customers can gain a new experience.

Clan Automotive will provide customers with a configuration list to collect powertrains, control systems, electrical systems, control systems, etc. on Clan Automotive's research and development of magnesium-aluminum light alloy universal chassis parts. The aluminum light alloy fittings are optimally configured to provide customers with the best combination of performance, optimal safety combination, optimal configuration combination, and most economical combination. The customer sees the vehicle configuration in the system. Performance parameters, performance scores, safety factors, safety levels, matching index of various components, etc. understand the performance of the car and customize a highly personalized car for yourself.  I believe that in the near future, customers will drive a highly personalized car on the wilderness and experience a new driving experience.

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