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Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Technology, the Inevitable Trend of Automobile Development
- 2019-06-27-

        —— Clan Automobile will carry out more extensive cooperation and research in the application and development of Mg-Al alloy.

        It has been 124 years since Carl Benz invent the car in 1885. Car people have been working hard at innovating, upgrading and optimizing cars. Automobile lightweight has always been the goal of automobile manufactures.

         “2018 (3rd) Seminar on New Energy Vehicle Lightweight Technology” hosted by China Automotive Material Network。 At the meeting, the participants discussed the current situation of lightweight technology and various aspects of its application. At the same time, some lightweight schemes, processes and equipment are put forward, and some lightweight products are shown in a certain range.

        As an automobile man, Clan is also very concerned about the development of lightweight technology and has been working hard in this direction. Clan has been working hard on the research and development of magnesium and aluminum alloy parts. In the light-weight technology of Al-Mg alloy, we have a number of research results to fill the domestic gap. Its production process is advanced. Al-Mg alloy is melted and pressed at high temperature and high pressure. This manufacturing process can give full play to the characteristics of Al-Mg alloy. The applications of Clan Magnesium Aluminum Alloy include shell, steering wheel, seat, reducer and so on. Clan's Mg-Al alloy fittings have the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance, high elongation, high impact resistance and good creep resistance, which can also be widely used in the future.

        Clan will continue to work hard on the road of vehicle lightweight, contributing to the development of the automotive industry.


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