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Clan's custom cars are heading for the vast Blue Ocean
- 2019-07-03-

—— Clan Customized Automobile Development Welcomes Development Opportunities

       Clan Automobile pays continuous attention to this conference. Through the understanding and analysis of the speech made at the World New Energy Automobile Congress in 2019, Clan believes that China's gathering of global innovative resources is an important cooperation platform to promote high-quality development of the industry. The technology of new energy automobile products is not yet mature, and the breakthrough of next generation technology is in the accumulation. The performance and quality of new energy automobile need to be further improved. At the same time, the new energy automobile industry chain is relatively weak, and the competitiveness of key links needs to be improved. Infrastructure such as charging and hydrogenation has not yet formed a mature and sustainable operation mode. Therefore, a high level of global cooperation is needed to jointly solve the challenges faced by the sustainable development of the new energy automotive industry.

      Clan clearly sees that various industries and companies in China are actively exploring cross-industry integration, leading industrial transformation and upgrading. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution, represented by new energy, new materials, new technologies and artificial intelligence, is having a significant impact on global economic and social development, and society is undergoing major changes. The global automotive industry is in the historic moment of transformation and upgrading. Clan's efforts to achieve the integration of lightweight, personalized and customized development not only need global wisdom, but also need to consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the direction of high-end technology and the choice of development path.

       Clan Automobile will bring together global wisdom and focus on the integration of production and learning, promote the coordinated development of science, technology, engineering and industry in the automotive field through cross-border communication between production and learning, and play its due role in the industrial transformation and the transformation of new and old momentum in Shenyang.

       Automobile lightweight is one of the important measures to reduce the weight of automobile, improve fuel economy and save energy. At present, the fuel consumption pressure of fuel vehicles is pressing, and the short driving range of electric vehicles needs to be repaired urgently. Automobile lightweight, which can relieve these two pressures, has gradually become an important symbol of new automobiles. Therefore, multinational automobile companies are scrambling to speed up the development of automobile lightweight technology in order to meet the market requirements. Optimizing the structure of automobile products and upgrading the manufacturing process can reduce the weight of automobile. However, Clan prefers to focus on the development and application of lightweight materials.

       At present, the weight proportion of the main materials of a new type of ordinary passenger car is roughly 67% of steel, 13% of non-ferrous metals and 20% of non-metallic materials. Under the trend of automobile lightweight, lightweight materials such as Al-Mg alloy, clear alloy and carbon fiber will be more and more used in new automobiles. Extruding the proportion of non-lightweight materials in automobiles will lead to a large number of replacement of non-lightweight materials. There will also be fierce market competition among Al-Mg alloy, clear alloy and carbon fiber. It is bound to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, which shows that automotive lightweight is a systematic project, which will cause a series of new changes in the automotive industry.

       "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is taking the lead in promoting the formulation of the new energy vehicle development plan from 2021 to 2035. The overall idea of planning includes reducing the intensity of resource consumption, improving the ecological environment, defining the strategic orientation of developing new energy vehicles, and compatible with the development of various technical routes. We should accelerate the transformation of government functions, stimulate enterprises'independent innovation power and market vitality, and form a good cycle of technological innovation, popularization and application of new energy vehicles and social operation. Xin Guobin, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, disclosed in the special speech of the General Assembly that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after investigating the industry and enterprises in recent years and considering the current development of new energy vehicles, initially formulated the follow-up policy related measures of double integral in 2021-2023, and will publicly solicit opinions in the near future.

       We are convinced that Clan's goals are in perfect harmony with the vision of future Chinese travelers, especially the urgent need for hard-line SUVs and wilderness campaigns. For Clan, the importance of market demand is unparalleled.

       "A vast voyage without end, sailing but trade wind." Looking ahead, high-end customized cars are heading for the vast "blue sea". The conference, for the development of the automotive industry, to promote the pace of the industry forward. Industry wisdom, common expectations, from Boao to start again, high-end customized cars to bring people, is an infinite beautiful world.

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