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Clan customized automobile ushered in development opportunities
- 2019-07-12-

       Automobile has a history of more than 130 years since its birth. At this moment, the automobile industry is experiencing the most profound changes, which have a far-reaching impact on human life. Two trends are very obvious. First, the focus of the world's automobile manufacturing industry is shifting to the "market". I have great advantages in the market. I am not only the largest automobile producer in the world, but also the largest automobile consumer. Second, the automobile industry based on high-speed network, intelligent AI, big data, cloud storage and other technologies makes the development of automobile    intellectualization not going. Continuously accelerating, China has the opportunity to catch up with the developed countries in Europe and America in the development and application of global intelligent technology. At present, China has achieved some success in intelligent technology applications such as urban intelligent management, mobile payment, e-commerce, video social networking and so on.

       In the past automobile industry reform, Chinese automobile brand missed the opportunity to participate for various reasons. In the process of China's gradual rejuvenation and the intelligent transformation of the world automotive industry, Chinese automotive brands should not only participate deeply, but also seize historical opportunities to transform and upgrade. After experiencing the development stages of introduction and absorption, independent research and development, imitation and improvement, and breakthrough and innovation, China's automobile industry has entered a new stage of intelligent-led high-quality development, which is the only way for China's automobile brand to continuously improve and survive.

       Personalized Clan customized automobile is a new product of cross-border integration and transformation of new materials, intelligent AI, information communication, Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, road traffic and other industries. It is a hot spot of global industrial innovation and a commanding point of future development. It has far-reaching significance and broad industrial prospects. It has caused governments, industry giants and Science in various countries. Technological companies and many other enterprises have paid extensive attention to and actively participated in the business community.

       According to McKinsey's previous forecast, China will be the world's largest smart driving car, personalized customized car and automotive aftermarket by 2030. At the macro level, we need the cooperation of policies, regulations and infrastructure. Therefore, in recent years, China has also formulated a series of relevant policies aimed at promoting the standardization of intelligent networking industrialized refitted vehicles and customized vehicles. No matter how the industry develops, safety must be put in the first place. We must abandon impetuous utilitarianism and return to humanism. All people-oriented, human safety and health are the first. Any omission in safety and health may cost industries, enterprises and users a lot.