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Introduction about Clan auto finance
- 2020-04-17-

Firstly, auto finance is to support auto sales. Secondly, it has a very strong auto finance gene. Therefore, there are two biases in the auto finance industry: to the left is pure auto finance-mortgage ; to the right is asset management, such as how to manage cars, how to manage accounts receivable, etc. Many financial institutions choose this direction to go, to build their own barriers, to build core competitiveness. Other institutions have different choices. Some of them are enterprises with rich experience, such as the mainframe factory financial company. They have started to invest in time-sharing leasing and mobility service. They are thinking about how to serve their customers and let them provide a travel service, rather than just selling cars.

What is the core competitiveness of auto finance? I think it is necessary to well know about the scene of automobile consumption at the beginning. With channels and hits, we can do well in automobile finance. Then the evaluation of the reputation harm of customers should be a very strong ability, including the ability of data and model, and the ability of interest rate setting and regulating. To do auto finance, you need cheap capital, which is why I think licensed institutions will have great advantages in the future. Because their capital cost is relatively high, they have stronger advantages whether they simply finance or through inter-bank lending, ABS, etc. What are their core competences? It is mainly about the ability of asset operation, including several core indicators such as single kilometer cost. When we run a car, if our cost per kilometer is lower than that of our competitors, it is a huge advantage. At the same time, due to the need to have a large number of car assets, the purchasing power is very strong. Like some relatively cutting-edge platform companies, they have started to customize cars, and the cost of customized cars will be relatively low.

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