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Support resumption of work and production of car sector China 6 postpone
- 2020-05-06-

China is the largest car-making country in the world. In recent years, under the influence of the weak national car market, car production and sales have declined for two consecutive years. The Covid-19 pandemic also affects the development of China's car sector. Under the influence of the epidemic, car production, sales, export and other aspects are seriously affected.

Affected by the seasonal situation and epidemic, the volume of overall situation of car market and passenger car and commercial vehicle markets plunge more sharply in January and February 2020 than that in 2019. However, the impact of the epidemic on car sector was fully demonstrated in February. According to the data of China Car Sector Association, China's car production was 1.767 million and 285000 respectively, down 34.1% and 83.9% month on month, down 25.4% and 79.8% year on year.

Affected by the epidemic, car makers were stemmed to return to work, and car production was suppressed in a short period of time. The supply of spare parts is insufficient, which aggravates the production difficulties of car makers. The epidemic has also had a huge impact on car sales in China, especially significant on leading enterprises. Sales of some car makers fell sharply. According to the production and sales express released by SAIC, the output of cars in February was 32260, down 90.2% year on year; the sales volume was 47365, down 86.9% year on year. The situation of Haima automobile is more serious. According to the production and sales express released by Haima automobile, the output of Haima automobile in February was 0, down 100% year on year; the sales volume was 134, down 92.88% year on year. Toyota's sales volume in China in February was only 23800, down 70.2% year on year.

In order to actively support the car sector to resume production, today, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, and the implementation time of the China 6 light automobile industry was postponed! Specifically: light duty vehicles (total quality of not more.