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5g era, customized car will become real
- 2020-05-08-

With the coming of 5g era, artificial intelligence, digital technology revolution and industrial Internet rapid rise personalized automobile customization is moving towards the general public. At the same time, due to the change of market demand, especially the rapid rise of middle class consumers, joint-venture brands and domestic independent brands also gradually began to customize cars, such as new energy vehicles.


But compared with the special large-scale goods such as car, it is undoubtedly a subversive innovation to realize the universal customization. How on earth is it to be realized? In the future, the cark-make process will be this: individual users clarify their requirements to some intermediate platform providers such as cardesign companies, and they will design and quote, confirm the scheme with customers, and then place an order to car makers.


In fact, many 5g and AI related technologies are involved here. First of all, in the design stage, digital twin technology, 3D modeling and VR are applied to help customers truly perceive customized cars in the design stage. Second, with the application of cloud computing and edge computing, car middlemen can read industrial data more quickly and comprehensively according to the high-speed and widely connected 5g network, and construct solutions for customized needs. Next, after the intermediate platform vendors have done well in design, what to do for the next step? These intermediate platform providers who have mastered a large number of industrial chain resources and data, can not only serve C-end customers, but also connect b-end factories, will have a great market dominance in the future.


Customized data is fed back to car makers which has always been a major difficulty for customization. This is  why car production have difficulty in customization. And this is one of the reasons why C2B model is challenging in the car production.


In this way, on the one hand, a communication mechanism is established with the car owners. The consumers upload custo