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Clan Auto Financial Report: The prefecture-level city pickups will be lifted - will welcome their own spring
- 2019-06-11-

Clan Automotive Finance is concerned about the implementation of the pickup truck into the city since the beginning of 2016. It has played a "cardiotonic" role in the domestic pickup truck market, and the pickup truck will usher in its own spring.  The policy shows that “encourage qualified prefecture-level cities and below to speed up the elimination of pickup restrictions into the city, give full play to the dual-use function of pickup trucks and passengers. Establish and improve the management mechanism and technical standards for the automobile modification industry”, clearly indicating that pickup trucks will be at the prefecture level and below. Speed up the lifting of the ban, and will ushered in the spring of vehicle modification.

Recently, from the traffic police brigade of Fengcheng Public Security Bureau of Dandong City, Liaoning Province, it was learned that Liaoning Province, one of the first six pilot provinces to lift the ban, has made a better result in the pilot work and decided to further relax on the basis of the pilot work in the first phase. The pickup trucks were restricted to the city, and the number of cities in the province that fully opened the leather cartoons doubled from 5 to 12.  From the sales data point of view, in addition to the decline in sales in Xinjiang, car sales in Liaoning, Hubei, Hebei, Henan and Yunnan have achieved steady or growth.

With the help of the Pika ban and the geographical location of Liaoning Province, Clan Auto launched the arrogant CT7 four-wheel drive pickup truck, which is a pickup truck launched by Clan. It is full-bodied and fits both domestically and internationally. The trend of pickup trucks.  Its powertrain, gearbox, differential lock and other major components can be used interchangeably with the mad front Q6 four-wheel drive.  The Clan Mania CT7 four-wheel drive pickup truck adopts a non-loaded body structure and is available in two different sizes, including standard double (standard axis version) and large double (long shaft version), with time-sharing four-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive. Drive system and equipped with the United States Eaton differential.

At the same time, we look forward to a series of good policies for Picali in the future, but it is also worth looking forward to the fact that the Pika's ban on favorable policies is frequent, so whether a series of rights that the pickup truck should enjoy in the future should also be taken seriously, such as scrapping and annual inspection. And other policies.