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[Cohn Magnesium Alloy] Hydrogen car will not replace electric car
- 2019-06-11-

Under the vigorous promotion of various policies, the hydrogen energy industry around the "hydrogen fuel cell vehicle" continues to heat up, and the "hydrogen society" seems to be accelerating to us. Especially after the “Nanyang Water Hydrogen Vehicle” incident, the discussion on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles reached its peak. Will it replace electric vehicles as the mainstream of development? On June 5 and 6th, 2019, the Future Energy Conference (FEC2019) was held in Beijing. Experts and scholars in the energy and transportation industry discussed the transition and integration of “traditional energy” to “future energy”.

The Cohen Automotive Core team also started the study and discussion on this conference. Combined with the company's own product features, Cohen lightweight technology can be used to realize the magnesium alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy chassis developed by Cohen Automobile. The accessories, the powertrain, the control system, the electrical system, and the control system are matched in the system according to the results selected by the customer according to the list. According to the optimized matching results, the customer will be provided with a good performance combination and a good security combination. , a combination of good configuration, economic combination and other combinations, customers will see the vehicle configuration in the system, from the performance parameters, performance scores, safety factor, safety level, each component matching index and other aspects of the car The performance of customizing a highly personalized custom car for yourself. After the vehicle adopts magnesium-aluminum alloy, it will improve the overall performance. Cohen lightweight technology is a mature and reliable technology. Its magnesium-aluminum alloy fittings have the advantages of light weight, simple structure and reliable performance, which can be well adapted. The test of different road conditions has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and tensile strength, and is the driving force for the development of automobile manufacturing technology today.

The Cohen core team reached a consensus: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will not replace electric vehicles, and it is difficult to compete directly with the latter. At present, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles seem to have an impact on the electric vehicle market in the future, but in fact, the market direction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles is not the same. The pure electric battery car developed by Cohen Automotive has the characteristics of clean and long cruising range, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicles are still a good solution for short-distance urban traffic.


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