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Magnesium Aluminum Alloy And Engine
- 2020-04-16-

When the aluminum alloy cylinder has been widely used in mass production of automobiles, engineers are still in the pursuit of lightweight, in which the magnesium aluminum alloy cylinder is the product of their goal. It's not just the addition of metal magnesium, and the cylinder material is not the alloy composed of magnesium and aluminum. In fact, there are some interesting mysteries and the facts you don't know.

We should judge engines from many indicators for each engine : peak power, peak torque, higher speed, power up, etc., but people are so crazy about power parameters, that they can not ignore the weight engine. Reducing weight means reducing fuel consumption of vehicles, meanwhile reducing weight at the right position can also improve the power and flexibility of vehicles. Therefore, it also highlights the importance of engine lightweight, especially for the brands that pursue sportiness and controllability. Every kilogram of weight reduction is the efforts of engineers. Mg Al alloy cylinder block was produced in batch by five series and applied to n52 in-line six cylinder naturally aspirated engine. According to the official statement, this engine pairs Mg-Al alloy composite crankcase. I believe that many people will think that this kind of crankcase is composed of two kinds of metals, magnesium and aluminum, which are combined according to some special metal process, but in fact it is not.

First or foremost, let's take a look at the new material of engine - magnesium. According to the periodic table of elements, magnesium is before aluminum, and its density is only 2 / 3 of that of aluminum. Therefore, both magnesium and magnesium alloy are lighter than aluminum alloy widely used in engines. Generally speaking, pure magnesium is not suitable for structural materials. Usually magnesium structural material should be alloy or magnesium aluminum alloy.

Magnesium alloy is a combination of magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are: small density, good shock absorption, greater impact load bearing capacity than aluminum alloy. At the same time, magnesium alloy also has good casting characteristics, which can produce a variety of more complex die-casting parts. Also,  it also has good cutting characteristics. Therefore, it is very suitable for Make the material of engine structure for above characteristics.

Magnesium aluminum alloy was first used in Germany during World War I. It was melted with magnesium ingot and aluminum ingot in a protective gas at high temperature. However, the mg Al alloy cylinder block of the n52 engine is not made in this way. Due to the wear-resistant and other metal characteristics, some parts of the engine cannot be made of magnesium, such as the cylinder surface, so the n52 engine cylinder block adopts the composite structure design. The inner layer of the cylinder block is made of silicon aluminum alloy. On this basis, the outer layer is made of magnesium alloy.

Specifically speaking, it is made of two kinds of alloy by splicing, rather than combining the two kinds of metals physically or chemically, and then putting them into the mold for casting. At the same time, in order to improve the overall strength, the cylinder block of n52 engine adopts the two-piece design, in which the upper part is the magnesium aluminum alloy composite structure just mentioned, and the lower part is the bottom plate structure Made of alloy.

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