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Demand Loan Of Clan Auto Finance
- 2020-04-23-

Auto finance is a kind of payment method that consumers can directly request discounts from auto finance companies when they demand loans. They can choose different models and different payment methods according to their own personalized needs. Compared with banks, auto finance is a new choice for car purchase. Since August 18, 2004, the measures for the management of auto financing companies was formally implemented. The auto financing market in China has gone through nearly nine years. In this era, China's auto sales have increased by nearly 300%, but the penetration rate of auto finance has only doubled, which is far from the international costs.

In addition, in recent years the number of auto financing companies in China has almost stagnated. Up to now, there are no more than ten, and most of them are dominated by foreign investment.

The reason for the above situation lies in the fact that the consumption cognitions and methods between domestic and foreign consumers are different. Besides, the capital source of auto financing companies mainly comes from bank lending, which leads to the high cost of auto financing companies in China. Moreover, the domestic automobile market is not mature enough and the credit system is not perfect, which increases the risk of automobile finance.

In fact, China's automobile consumption credit has great development potential and great business opportunities. According to the prediction of China Automobile Industry Association, China's automobile finance industry will have a potential market capacity of 525 billion yuan by 2025.

In the future, the potential of automobile consumption is huge, which will promote the rapid development of automobile industry, so the demand for automobile consumption loans will continue to expand.

China's automobile consumption credit is developed in the direction of specialization and scale, which has effectively activated the automobile spending market.

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