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What Are The Choices Of Lightweight Materials Used On Cars?
- 2020-05-13-

Car lightweight is a very important project in the development of car sector at present. It is reflected in many aspects, such as chassis lightweight, interior lightweight, powertrain lightweight and so on. Of course, the body lightweight is the most obvious. What are the choices of lightweight materials for cars?


Generally, there are three ways to complete the lightweight of car body: First, to apply high-strength and light-weight materials, second, to improve the body structure, and the last is to apply advanced manufacturing technology.


1. Reduce the thickness of plate. Under the condition of ensuring that the performance of material does not change, it can reduce the thickness of the sheet metal and improve the level of the sheet metal material, thus reduce the weight of the body and improve the lightweight effectively;


2. Select high-quality galvanized material: it can improve the service life of car body and enhance the anti-corrosion characteristics of material used on car body. At present, galvanized steel plate has been widely used in car design.


3.Select mature forming process: the higher the strength of steel plate is, the worse its forming characteristics are generally. In particular, conventional cold stamping with strength over 1200Mpa can hardly complete the forming of slightly complex parts. At the same time, the application of hot stamping technology can not only improve the strength of steel plate, but also reduce the weight of steel plate to lessen the weight of car body.


At present, the material lightweight in the car sector has become a trend. Under the condition of not affecting the body strength, the application of more aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics will help to reduce the body weight, and then promote better fuel economy.

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