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Clan Customized Car -- The Coming New Trend
- 2020-10-22-

      The development of car sector is in the forefront of the times. "Clothing, food, housing and transportation" is the most basic consumption demand of human beings, which is also regarded as demanding. Since ancient times, the development of "Xing", from walking, carriage, bicycle, to car , to today's car  science and technology level and humanized design seems to have reached a bottleneck. It seems that we can't imagine where the future car will go. In my opinion, the next development focus will be on two aspects: one is more intelligent, the other is more and more personalized Clan customized car service.

      Let's first talk about intelligence. It can be said that in the whole of 2018, especially in the second half of this year, almost every new model or old model revision released has more or less various intelligent auxiliary functions, and more and more intelligent configurations have lowered the threshold of driving, and even become a kind of enjoyment rather than tiredness.

      "Clothing, food, housing and transportation" is the most basic needs of human beings, and in these aspects, it has completed its most basic needs, that is, to eat and wear warm, to have a piece of tile to cover the house, to have a means of travel, and then. They will all run to the word "enjoy" without exception. The needs of different people for services and goods are different from person to person, so it is bound to evolve into personalized customized services. In terms of "clothing", "food" and "housing", customization has become a common practice, while in the field of car , "customization" seems to be equivalent to "expensive". What can be directly associated with are "limited edition" and "luxury car". Situation, since the beginning of 2019, there are signs of change.

       At this stage, most of the personalized customization still stays in the body color or more kinds of collocations. Compared with the traditional three or four colors and configurations, the customized car of Clan seems