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How Far Is It From Making You A Customized Car?
- 2021-04-21-

   Since the 1990s, customized cars have entered the homes of ordinary people in China, and China has become the largest car consumer in the world.


   Automobile sales are increasing year by year, but the growth rate is slowing down. The big reason is that the Internet has changed people's consumption habits and consumption demand, and the demand shows the characteristics of multiple regions, levels and personalities. Growing up in the Internet civilization, the post-80s and post-90s have changed their requirements for cars from simple products to more personalized ones. The time is ripe for Clan to customize cars and make them more convenient.


   Economic environment: China's economy has entered a period of "new normal" with a long-term low growth rate. At this stage, expanding domestic demand has become the direction of national macro-control to encourage residents' consumption;


   Technology environment: the development of intelligent vehicles such as Internet of vehicles, driverless vehicles and new energy vehicle technology promotes the prosperity of the automobile market; the rise of e-commerce drives the automobile industry to a more efficient and transparent new mode, and the convenience of Internet will further shorten the distance between consumers and automobile manufacturers, and be closer to the needs of consumers.


   Now Clan customized car has been loved by users, we will continue to improve technology, so that customers buy at ease, with ease!