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How To Maintain SUV?
- 2021-04-27-

   For car maintenance, most people are familiar with it. There are many car maintenance items, and the maintenance items are different in different periods. Do you know how to maintain SUV?


   1. Routine maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance after driving every 5000km (7500km for some models). The maintenance content is basically to change the engine oil and filter, check the steam filter (many cars do not have the steam filter now), air filter, etc. if it is dirty, it can also be replaced together. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the brake discs and pads need to be replaced, whether the brake oil needs to be supplemented and the condition of the tires every time, which is the need to ensure safety.


   2. Regular maintenance, usually every 3 years or every 4W km, in addition to routine maintenance, also need to clean the nozzle, throttle and the vehicle's air intake system. In addition, the transmission oil, front and rear axle oil, antifreeze and brake oil need to be replaced. At the same time, check the tire wear and replace it if necessary.


   3. Major maintenance. Generally, after driving for 10W km, a comprehensive physical examination should be carried out and the parts should be replaced according to the situation. At this time, should check the line (circuit), transmission mechanism, etc.


   The maintenance contents of SUV, when to check and what to replace are described in detail in the vehicle maintenance manual. Sadly, the vast majority of car owners do not read the maintenance manual, or even the user manual. We will continue to introduce the car related knowledge.