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What Should Pay Attention To When Buying A Car For The First Time? Clan Auto-micro Factory Tells You
- 2021-04-27-

      Many friends who don't have car purchasing experience would consider the 4S shop as a "hidden trap" place which is full of trap and fleeced go in. So, to what should we pay attention when buying a car for the first time? I hope this car purchase strategy of Clan auto-micro factory can help you solve your doubts.


In fact, buying a car is the same as buying clothes - buy things at the same price as much as you have a budget. First of all, we should choose our favorite models in the Pacific Auto quotation library according to our own car purchase budget and personal preferences, and understand their basic information, such as what the models look like inside and outside, how the parameters are configured, the specific price range, the transaction price in our region, the range of benefits, and so on, so as to know in advance.


      After determining your target model, you can then plan your own route. Let's first find out which local dealers the brand has and where the specific address is. It's suggested to make a simple road map of car watching, and then we can go to the store to see the car at a suitable time.


      In the process of choosing and looking at cars, it is suggested to go to several 4S stores to have a look, and compare their respective preferential strength, gift situation and additional services. Only by comparing three stores can we know which one is preferential.


      Bargaining starts with naked car prices. Many brands of new cars usually have a discount (except for some popular cars). We can take the initiative to ask the sales consultant if they have a discount and how much, and then according to our own psychological expectations, we can continue to communicate with each other whether we can increase the discount. How much you can cut depends on your own negotiation skills.


In addition to bargaining, we can also strive for more gifts or additional services from the sales consultant, such as free film, pillow, oil card, carpet, dash cam, maintenance voucher, etc.


      These are the general process of buying a car explained by Clan automobile micro factory for you. In the process of purchasing a car for the first time, you may as well understand the above process first, so that you can have a clear idea of it, so that you are not afraid of being cheated by unscrupulous businessmen.