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How To Buy Auto Insurance? Clan Automobile Micro Factory Tells You
- 2021-04-27-

      Car insurance can be roughly divided into two categories: one is compulsory insurance, which is enforced by the state. Every legal car must pay compulsory insurance every year. Even if you don't pay it this year, you must pay it back at the time of car inspection. Second, commercial insurance is relatively loose. It is purely voluntary and can be increased or not.


      If you are still in the novice stage, it is recommended that you buy all risks insurance. Because you are not familiar with cars in the novice stage, it is inevitable that minor accidents will occur. Buying all risks insurance also gives drivers an invisible confidence.


      If you are an old driver with 3 million yuan, there is no deductible, car damage insurance, car seat insurance, all these are necessary. As for glass insurance, scratch insurance, spontaneous combustion insurance, theft and rescue insurance, whether to buy depends on the value of your own car and your age.


       Finally, Clan automobile micro factory would like to ask all drivers not to be distracted when driving. Insurance is just an auxiliary function. Please remember that safety is the first and driving rules are very important.